Education Fund

The Foundation’s Education Fund creates diverse and accessible educational opportunities for Australian students and researchers at primary, high school, tertiary, post-graduate study and research levels by offering financial assistance and industry opportunities in the form of scholarships, awards, internships and prizes for students and schools.

The Foundation strives to enhance progress at a national level in education, research and innovation. The Andy Thomas Space Foundation Education Fund provides financial assistance for exciting projects to deserving young Australians, in the hope of inspiring interest in the space industry and providing meaningful educational opportunities to students from all walks of life.

The Foundation is strongly committed to and passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive environment that welcomes and values all individuals with a passion for space.

The Andy Thomas Space Education Fund aims:

  • To support space education and outreach in Australia
  • To inspire young people to pursue careers in space by building a culture of entrepreneurship and igniting a curiosity for space and related scientific activities
  • To develop skills and improve the knowledge of potential founders of space-related enterprises
  • To improve the employability of young people in the space sector, facilitating students and young graduates to find jobs related to their skills and passions.

Previous Education Fund Scholarships

‘Quod Invenias Explorans Spatium Progressus Est Humanitatis’.

Human progress is in space exploration